Diana Policarpo

Diana Policarpo is a London based visual artist and free composer whose work consists of both visual and musical media, including drawing, score, sculpture, large-scale performance and multi-channel sound installation. She graduated from Goldsmiths College with a MFA in Fine Art in 2013. Her work investigates power relations, popular culture and gender politics, juxtaposing the rhythmic structuring of sound as a tactile material within the social construction of esoteric ideology. She creates performances and installations to examine experiences of vulnerability and empowerment associated with acts of exposing oneself to the capitalist world.  

Her sound and installation work has been shown in solo exhibitions at Gnration Gallery, Braga, PT (April 2019); Belo Campo/Galeria Francisco Fino, Lisbon, PT (2018); Kunstverein Leipzig, DE (2017); lAB Artists Unlimited, Bielefeld,  DE (2016); Xero, Kline and Coma, London, UK (2015); Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, DE (2014); Her work has also been included in recent group exhibitions at Fórum Arte Braga, Braga, PT (Julho 2019); Cordoaria Nacional – Galerias Municipais de Lisboa, Lisboa, PT (June 2019); MAAT, Lisboa, PT (May 2019); ARCOmadrid, Madrid, ES (2019); Lisboa Soa, Lisbon, PT (2018); Chiado 8, Lisbon, PT (2018); Galeria Municipal do Porto, Porto, PT (2017); Guest Projects, London (UK); Galeria Francisco Fino, Lisbon (PT); Mars Gallery, Melbourne, AU (2017); North Gallery, New Castle, UK (2016); Peninsula Gallery, NYC (2015); W139, Amsterdam, NL (2015); Shaun Fenster, Berlin, DE (2014); AN/DOR, London, UK (2014).

Diana Policarpo has recently presented performances and given readings at Passos Manuel, Porto, PT; Kunsthall Oslo, NO; LUX – Moving Image, The Lexington, Tenderpixel Gallery, Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), Cafe OTO, Pump House Gallery, Enclave, Vortex and IMT Gallery in London.