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Energy. Perpetual Motion

Energy. Perpetual Motion 

24 APR 2024 - 07 OCT 2024

MAAT Central

Objeto coleção MNA - Biface
Biface - St. Acheul, France (MNA)

Energy. Perpetual Motion challenges the public to discover the unexpected beauty in archaeology and engineering. The exhibition establishes a dialogue between objects belonging to the collection of the National Archaeological Museum (MNA) and the EDP Foundation Energy Heritage Collection.

In two halls of Lisbon's emblematic industrial building, the Central Tejo, more than 150 objects that evoke synergies, i.e. the exploitation of natural energy sources such as the sun, water, wind, and fire, are on display. These elements have influenced the course of human societies and are nowadays indispensable to the development of recent technological procedures based on renewable sources and on the path towards a common future, that of decarbonising the planet.

This collaboration between two museum institutions, MAAT and MNA, takes place at a time when the latter is closed as part of a refurbishment process, which should be completed by 2025.


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18 Apr 2024