The EDP Foundation Energy Heritage Collection specializes in the national energy sector, namely the electric sector, and has a collection that dates back to the 19th century.

It is made up of approximately 3500 pieces inventoried into thematic units, such as measuring devices and meters, household appliances, illumination and lab equipment, among others.

Building the collection, which inherited all of the original machinery and equipment from the Tejo Power Station, began in 1998 by gathering and cataloging pieces and equipment that were spread across several EDP facilities, in order preserve, conserve and divulge a historic legacy inherited from the numerous companies that produced, transported and distributed electric energy in the country. This collection also includes other pieces that were gifts from private and institutional entities.

The Power Station Circuit allows visitors to discover an important part of this collection.


SOLAC washing machine, 1940

Enfield 8000: primeiro carro elétrico a chegar a Portugal, em 1976.

Ventoinha General Electric. 1940

Ventoinha Erres. 1940

Radio Akkord. 1957

Aspirador Electrofee. 1940

Amperímetro Chauvin & Arnaux

Amperímetro Volta - Meylan D'Arsonval

Radio Luxor. 1940

Amperímetro The Cambridge Scientific Instrument Cº LTD

Televisão RCA. 1957

Televisão Philco. 1950

Aquecedor. 1920

Resistência Hartmann & Braun

Tômbola de sorteio de ações CRGE

Reóstato de manivelas

Manómetro | Central Tejo

Copos de lubrificação | Central Tejo

Dynamoelectric Machine SCHUCKERT, 1880

Dynamoelectric Machine COMPAGNIE L’ALLIANCE, 1870

PHILIPS incandescent lamp, monumental public lighting, 1000W