Contemporary Culture

Actively supporting Culture is one of the fundamental missions of the EDP Foundation, an entity that owns and manages one iconic museum in the city of Lisbon: MAAT - Museum of Art, Architecture & Technology. We want to help build a country that is better prepared and equipped to meet the challenges of the 21st century, as well as a more creative, cultured and cosmopolitan society. Therefore, we have made cultural excellence and artistic contemporaneity the hallmarks of our institutional identity and statement.

Structured into two major types of intervention – in-house production and patronage - , which complement each other and interact, this activity gives precedence to original projects, the strategic value of partnerships with both national and international institutions, consolidating policies that reveal emerging artists and consolidating historically relevant artists, the qualification of resources, as well as cultural and artistic decentralisation.

From contemporary creation to heritage and historic memory, from the visual to the performing arts, from literature to critical thinking, from the interdisciplinarity of the arts to their relationship with science, technology and the environment, we develop a vast range of in-house production and patronage collaborations. The EDP Foundation is today one of the principal patrons of the arts in Portugal.

The exhibitions we produce and support, the new talents we discover and help launch internationally, the prestigious prizes we award - the EDP Foundation Prémio Novos Artistas (New Artists Award) and the EDP Foundation Grande Prémio Arte (Art Grand Prize) - , the publications we promote and the partnerships we establish, are a valuable legacy. Since 2004, the EDP Foundation has already produced and supported more than 200 exhibitions and almost a hundred projects in the visual arts, dance, music, architecture, artistic education, publishing and documentation.

Social Innovation

Inclusion and improving the quality of life of disadvantaged people and communities is the pillar of the EDP Foundation’s activity in the social field.

The EDP Foundation’s mission involves bringing the notion and practise of social entrepreneurship and sustainability to the Social Economy, which are crucial to the development and survival of social organisations.

Preferring social investment over providing subsidies, the EDP Foundation structures its participation on three pillars: Programa EDP Solidária (EDP Solidarity Programme), in-house projects – such as the programmes Escolas Solidárias (Solidarity Schools), Orquestra Energia (Energy Orchestra) and Arte Pública (Public Art) – and providing support to social businesses.

Science & Energy

Making cultural scientific promotion a priority, the EDP Foundation produces and supports projects involving research and the dissemination of knowledge, giving special attention to the school community. Renovated in 2016, the iconic Power Station is at the heart of this strategy, and its goal is to preserve the history of electricity and energy production.

As an entity dedicated to the protection, investigation and validation of the national energy heritage, the EDP Foundation brings together technological memory and the energies of the future. A knowledge potential that is offered to the public through the largest national collection on the history of electricity in Portugal, and a selection of exhibitions that portray the history and evolution of electricity up to renewable energies.