The EDP Solidarity Programme is the largest source of private investment in social initiatives in Portugal.

Promoted by the EDP Foundation since 2004, its goal is to support projects which improve the quality of life of socially-deprived people and the integration of communities at risk of social exclusion.

Between 2004 and 2016, the EDP Solidarity Programme has already supported the implementation or continuity of over 350 projects in every district in the country.

In 2015, the EDP Solidarity Programme was split into three annual programmes, with a total investment of 2.1 million euros: Social Inclusion, Health and Education.

The EDP Social Inclusion and Health Solidarity Programs work through an application process carried out annually. Proposals are evaluated by an independent jury. The Education Program is developed directly with education institutions. 

Investment programme in projects aimed at providing relief to social situations recognised as relevant – particularly interventions promoting social inclusion and entrepreneurship –, and which prove sustainable.

The programme’s potential candidates are legally constituted and registered national entities, as well as entities inserted in a group project which has not been supported in the edition prior to the year of application.

The EDP Solidarity Programme – Health constitutes an investment in projects which aim to improve clinical and social conditions stemming from health problems, including one-off rehabilitation of run-down facilities belonging to permanent healthcare institutions, and the donation of medical equipment that is not of regular use or used in primary care.

The projects may be promoted by hospital centres/hospitals within the National Health Service (SNS) or by IPSS (Private Social Solidarity Institutions) which have permanent healthcare facilities duly licenced by the Health Ministry.

This programme rewards meritocracy through education grants to university students (Bologna’s 1st cycle), with an emphasis on Science, Engineering and Management. The social deprivation situation of each student and the continued evaluation of his/her respective merit will determine how long the grant will be provided.

The candidates must be put forward by national education institutions, within existing partnerships between them and EDP Foundation.