Solidarity in Mobility | Fundação EDP

Aimed at the Social Support and Charity Sector, the “Mobilidade Solidária” (Solidarity in Mobility) programme seeks to reinforce the EDP Foundation's commitment to leaving no one behind in the challenge of the energy transition.

This programme aims to support the third sector in making a fair and informed transition to electric mobility, thereby promoting a reduction in the sector's carbon footprint and savings in consumption.

In 2022, the first year of its activity, the programme is expected to provide access (through an application process) to electric vehicles through renting, the installation of charging wallboxes, support for electricity expenses, and training on the efficient use of electric vehicles.

Electric mobility is part of our commitment to sustainability and a tool in the fight against climate change. The use of electric vehicles can contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and to a more optimal use of electricity produced from renewable sources.