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ELECTRA is an international quarterly of cultural, social, and political criticism, study, and reflection. It addresses all cultural areas, and fosters the dialogue and a fluid frontier between humanities and science, different artistic disciplines, and different cultural theories and practices.

ELECTRA responds to the need for a cultural journal characterized by purpose, consistency, and impact, which are also our expectations.

ELECTRA addresses topical issues, enquiring the spirit of the age, the trends, ideas, images, and mythologies that shape and move our times. The topical interest reaches beyond cur-rent events. The enquiry analyses, expounds, and compares. 

ELECTRA is a pluralist journal in what concerns ideas,  contents, and authors. It benefits from a group of international contributors who are among the leading figures of contemporary thought, literature, arts, and sciences.

ELECTRA invites writers who have an expert knowledge in their fields, and are equipped to venture in different areas, pursuits, and perspectives. The journal aims at rigorous and original approaches that a public interested in cultural issues would find engaging and enjoyable.

ELECTRA is a contemporary journal that appeals to the mind and captivates the eye. The programmatic and the visual concepts suit, complement and reinforce each other. 

ELECTRA is governed by the deontological principles and professional ethics of journalism, which guarantee the journal’s integrity and its respect for the readers.

ELECTRA is an international magazine, published by EDP Foundation, which focuses on critique and cultural, social and political reflection of current events. Having been released in March 2018, the magazine is quarterly and is published in Portuguese and English.  

Counting on the collaboration of Portuguese and foreign authors – relevant personalities of thought, languages and arts - , the magazine’s director is  José Manuel dos Santos, board member and cultural director of the EDP Foundation, and the publisher is António Guerreiro, a journalist, reviewer and essayist.  

“ELECTRA appears as a response to a need, which is also an expectation, for the existence of a cultural magazine with ambition and projection. It’s a plural magazine in its ideas, contents and collaborators. Electra is a magazine of current matters, which questions the spirit of the times, the trends, the ideas, the images, and the mythologies that configure and move the times we live in. But it’s not an academic, or specialized, or technical magazine. And it does not chase whatever is happening, in fact, keeping some distance from journalistic immediateness. It’s best described as “placed between the thought of such happening and the happening of such thought”, explains José Manuel dos Santos.

The magazine is available in several points of sale in the whole country, costing €9 Euros. It’s also available at the MAAT shop. 

This project is inserted in the broad cultural activity of the EDP Foundation which is, simultaneously, one of the most relevant art patrons and one of the leading agents of cultural production in Portugal.