New Artists Award 2007

André Romão


Adam Budak
Claude Bussac
João Queiroz
Manuel Costa Cabral
José Manuel dos Santos



André Cepeda
Mónica Gomes
Daniel Melim
Fernando Mesquita
André Romão
Mafalda Santos
André Sousa
Gustavo Sumpta

Coletivo de artistas Pizz Buin (Rosa Baptista, Irene Loureiro, Vanda Madureira e Sara Santos).

The 2007 EDP New Artists Award exhibition was commissioned by Delfim Sardo, João Pinharanda and Nuno Crespo, and it took place at the CACE Cultural Centre in Porto and in the old Power Station of Freixo – both historical buildings belonging to EDP.

The following artists participated in this exhibition: André Cepeda, Mónica Gomes, Daniel Melim, Fernando Mesquita, André Romão, Mafalda Santos, André Sousa, Gustavo Sumpta and the collective Pizz Buin (Rosa Baptista, Irene Loureiro, Vanda Madureira and Sara Santos).

André Romão was the great winner.


Photo: Susana Pomba, 2016.

André Romão was born in Lisbon in 1984. He lives and works in Berlin, where he undertook an artist’s residency at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien as a Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation grant holder. With a degree in Communication Design by Lisbon’s Faculty of Fine Arts, in his work André invites the viewer to join an artistic universe where he evokes literature, poetry, philosophy and history, and where he works with various supports such as drawing, photography, video and installation. He has exhibited regularly since 2006 in cities such as Lisbon, Porto, Madrid, Berlin and Florence.


Finalists' works

André Cepeda. | Photo: Rodrigo Peixoto

André Romão. | Photo: Rodrigo Peixoto

André Sousa. | Photo: Rodrigo Peixoto

Daniel Melim. | Photo: Rodrigo Peixoto

Fernando Mesquita. | Photo: Rodrigo Peixoto

Gustavo Sumpta. | Photo: Rodrigo Peixoto

Mafalda Santos. | Photo: Rodrigo Peixoto

Mónica Gomes. | Photo: Rodrigo Peixoto

Coletivo Pizz Buin. | Photo: Rodrigo Peixoto