New Artists Award 2002 | Fundação EDP

New Artists Award 2002

Vasco Araújo

José Borges da Fonseca
João Fernandes
Alexandre Melo

Leonor Nazaré
João Pinharanda 

The 2002 EDP New Artists Award exhibition was curated by João Pinharanda and took place in the Noble Room at the National Society of Fine Arts, in Lisbon. 

Vasco Araújo was the winner. 


Photo: Pedro Pina

Vasco Araújo was born in 1975, in Lisbon, where he lives and works. Having graduated with a degree in Sculpture from Lisbon University’s Faculty of Fine Arts, he complemented his training with an advanced course in Fine Arts from Maumaus, at the School of Visual Arts and Photography. In 2002, he has his first solo exhibition at César Gallery, in Lisbon, after having taken part in several collective exhibitions, both national and international. Throughout his career he has participated in several artist residencies. Using different media – sculpture, installation, video, photography and performance –, Vasco Araújo has structured his narrative based on an original deconstruction and reconstruction of behavioural codes which reflect on the relationship between the individual and the world.

The exhibition

Sabine/Brunilde by Vasco Araújo at Salão Nobre da Sociedade Nacional de Belas-Artes, 2003.

Photos: Adelino Oliveira