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Energy sharing


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Fundação EDP is now joining the 'Partilha com Energia' (Energy Sharing) programme, which has been sponsored by EDP since 2014. This is a pioneering educational programme that seeks to involve the various communities where the EDP Group operates.

It is a project dedicated to secondary school teachers and students (aged 15-19) in the municipalities where EDP is active, encouraging their involvement throughout the school year with four challenges and an exchange with another school.

With EDP’s support, the participating teams are responsible for planning the exchange, making contacts and partnering with local entities, and managing budgets and logistics, in an entrepreneurial experience that is transformative, immersive, intensive, and aimed at a common goal, and which also includes social activities on the topic of Energy Transition.

This innovative programme promotes the development of social and relationship skills among young people in secondary school and vocational education, while also fostering a sense of belonging to the territory where the exchanges take place.

Why promote this Energy Sharing initiative?

•To help develop entrepreneurial, active citizenship and social responsibility skills among participants

•To promote energy transition discussion and action in schools and communities

•To promote a spirit of initiative and ability to deliver among young people

•To show the existing potential and resources in each of the territories targeted by the programme

•To promote a sense of identity, belonging and connection to the territory among the young people in these regions

The 'Partilha com Energia' programme is part of the social responsibility strategy adopted by EDP and its Foundation, promoting community involvement in the areas where the company conducts its energy production operations.

Find out more about the 'Partilha com Energia' programme here.