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EDP Foundation promotes free online platform to bring sustainability to schools




The EDP Foundation is promoting the launch of the "Your Energy" programme in schools across the country with the aim of spreading awareness of the need for sustainability, and promoting values, attitudes and knowledge among students in the field of renewable energies, human rights and awareness of the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals. This project is being carried out with the support of the Directorate-General for Education (DGE), through the Directorate for Educational Projects Services.

"Your Energy" is a free online platform to support schools, offering, through the use of new technologies and gamification, didactic and entertaining content relevant to students aged 6 to 16 (worksheets, interactive games, videos of experiments and crafts, etc).

The platform is also an important tool for teachers, to whom it provides various teaching resources adapted to different subjects, providing the support they need to arouse their students' interest in issues relating to sustainability, as well as promoting more interactive and dynamic lessons that encourage teamwork.

With this project, the EDP Foundation seeks to develop in young people the awareness of sustainability and social and environmental responsibility that are fundamental to building a sustainable future. In Spain, the programme has been running since 2010 and has already reached more than 540,000 students.

"With this initiative, the EDP Foundation is strengthening its intervention in the field of education with the aim of creating tools for communities, in particular for young people, to think about the future in terms of sustainability and fair energy transition. Doing this in a school context is of fundamental importance, which is why this partnership with the Directorate-General for Education is particularly important," emphasised Vanda Martins, EDP Foundation administrator responsible for Social Innovation.

For José Carlos Sousa, Director of Educational Projects at the Directorate-General for Education, "the Your Energy Project is another resource that fits into different areas of the National Strategy for Citizenship Education and aims to promote principles, skills and values in pupils finalising compulsory education." He adds: "With the fields of Environmental Education and Sustainable Development as its main support, the project seeks to involve young people inside and outside school in dynamics aimed at preserving the planet, while at the same time creating in themselves and others the intrinsic will to get involved."

The platform is free to access and is available at https://yourenergy.edp.com.


23 Oct 2023