Welcome to Fear City | Fundação EDP

Welcome to Fear City


Sandra Vieira Jürgens (text)
Vera Velez (design)


Fundação EDP




3.50€ (Available in MAAT store)


The sixth volume in the series Ashpit 8 is being published on the occasion of the exhibition Welcome to Fear City, by João Fonte Santa. As well as reproductions of a selection of works in the exhibition, the catalogue also includes an essay by Sandra Vieira Jürgens, the exhibition curator, who reflects on the project: “This new series of works was first developed as a follow-up to the artist book O Colapso da Civilização (2016), in which Fonte Santa focusses on the economic crisis in Portugal, from 2012, and records facts taken from both national and international politics using a critical and metaphorical approach, and including notes from his own personal experience.”