New Artists Award 2001 | Fundação EDP

New Artists Award 2001

Leonor Antunes


José Borges da Fonseca
João Fernandes
Alexandre Melo
Leonor Nazaré
João Pinharanda

This exhibition was curated by João Pinharanda and took place at the National Museum of Ancient Art, in Lisbon.

The winner was Leonor Antunes.


Photo: Adriano Miranda

Leonor Antunes was born in 1972, in Lisbon. She lives and works in Berlin. She has exhibited regularly in various renowned international museums and art galleries. The artist explores architecture and exhibition spaces in her works. Inspired largely by minimalist and conceptual art from the 60s and 70s, Leonor Antunes’ body of work reflects the idea that the viewer should experience the work of art while interacting with the space where it’s exhibited.

The exhibition

Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, November 2002.