There are six finalists of the EDP Foundation’s New Artists Award 2019

Isabel Madureira Andrade, Ana Mary Bilbao, Dealmeida Esilva, Mónica de Miranda, Henrique Pavão and Diana Policarpo are the six finalists of the 13th edition of the EDP Foundation's New Artists Award. The artists are going to integrate the exhibition of the Award which will open in May 2019, at MAAT. 

Selected by the curators of the exhibition, Inês Grosso, Sara Antónia Matos and João Silvério, the six finalists – chosen amongst more than 530 candidates – are going to present new artworks, produced for the exhibition and whose winner will be chosen by an international jury in the course of the exhibition. 

The EDP Foundation's New Artists Award was established in 2000 and since then it has already distinguished Joana Vasconcelos, Leonor Antunes, Vasco Araújo, Carlos Bunga, João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva, João Leonardo, André Romão, Gabriel Abrantes, Priscila Fernandes, Ana Santos, Mariana Silva and Claire de Santa Coloma.

The Award is renowned as one of the most meaningful in the national artistic scenery and reveals EDP Foundation’s strong investment in the discovery of new talents and new artistic proposals in the scope of contemporary art in Portugal.

The awarding of these artists and the opportunity EDP Foundation offers them of working  with the orientation of a curator and in the context of a museum, have proved fundamental for the beginning or reinforcing of meaningful and notable national and international careers.

The exhibition opens on the 15th of May, coinciding with the international contemporary art fair - ARCOlisboa, and will be visible until October 2019, at the Central 1 gallery.



Isabel Madureira Andrade is from the Azores.

Her training was done at Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa (Fine-Arts Faculty of the University of Lisbon), and since 2014 she has been participating regularly in several collective exhibitions, such as “Escalas Desejantes”, at Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência (Natural History and Science National Museum), Lisbon (2017), “Campanha Casa” – Medeiros e Almeida Museum, Lisbon (2016) or “Arte Hoje” (Art Today), Sociedade Nacional de Belas-Artes (National Society of Fine Arts), Lisbon (2014); and in individual exhibitions, such as “Indícios”, Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações (Portuguese Communications Foundation) & Bessa Pereira Gallery, Lisbon (2017).

She is represented in the collection of the Portuguese Communications Foundation, in the collection of the Law Faculty of the University of Lisbon, and in private collections.


Ana Mary Bilbao, a luso-spanish artist, was born in Sintra, Portugal. 

Having a PhD in Artistic Studies – Art and Mediations | Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas (Social and Human Sciences Faculty of the University of Lisbon) and School of Arts - Birkbeck, University of London (Department of Film, Media and Cultural Studies), Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and FCT (September 2015 - Present). She attended the courses of Painting and Cinema/ Image in movement at Ar.Co (2007-2009).

Her work is represented in Portuguese public collections, such as, António Cachola Collection and Contemporary Art Collection Figueiredo Ribeiro, and in private collections between Portugal, Spain, France, England, Germany and Brazil.

She lives between Lisbon and London.


Dealmeida e Silva

He was born in the eighties, in Lisbon, Portugal. He currently lives and works between Zurich and Lisbon. 

In 2010, he ended his Degree in Painting at Faculdade de Belas Artes de Lisboa (Fine Arts Faculty of Lisbon). In the same year, he moved to Germany and lived in Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig and the Alps, from 2010 to 2017. In 2011, Dealmeida Esilva was part of a residence organized by e-flux, with the artist Liam Gillick, in Basel.

Throughout his artistic path, Dealmeida Esilva has exhibited work in Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic and in the Philippines.

Mónica de Miranda is a visual artist and a Post-PhD researcher at the Centro de Estudos Comparatistas da Universidade de Lisboa (Centre for Comparative Studies of the University of Lisbon). She holds a degree in Visual Arts from Camberwell College of Arts (London, 1998), and a PhD from the University of Middlesex (London, 2014). She was awarded PhD and post-PhD scholarships by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (Science and Technology Foundation). She is one of the founders of the Hangar project (Centre for artistic residences, Lisbon, 2014).

She participated in several artistic residences, from which we highlight: Artchipelago (French Institute, Mauritius Islands, 2014); Verbal Eyes (Tate Britain, 2009), Muyehlekete (National Art Museum, Maputo, 2008); Living Together (British Council/ Iniva, Georgia/London 2008).

Of her individual exhibitions, we highlight: Hotel Globo (National Contemporary Art Musem of Chiado, Lisbon, 20 Arquipélago (Carlos Carvalho Gallery, Lisbon, 2014), Erosion (Appleton Square, Lisbon, 2013), An Ocean Between Us (Plataforma Revólver, Lisbon, 2012), New Geographies (198 Gallery, London / Plataforma Revólver, Lisbon / HF Image, Amsterdam, 2008).

Of her collective exhibitions, we highlight: Telling Time (Rencontres de Bamako  Biennale Africaine de la Photographie 10 éme edition, Bamako, 2015); São Jorge Island (14th Biennial of Architecture of Venice, 2014); Line Trap (Biennial of São Tomé and Príncipe, 2013); An Ocean Between Us (Paris Photo and Arco Madrid, 2013); Do silêncio ao outro Hino - From Silence to the other Anthem – (Portuguese Cultural Centre, Mindelo, Praia); Secret Files (AFL, 2012); Once Upon A Time (Carpe Diem, Lisbon, 2012); L’Art est un sport de combat - Art is a fighting sport -(Musée des Beaux Arts de Calais, França, 2011 – Fine Arts Museum of Calais, France, 2011); This location (Mojo Gallery, Dubai, 2010), She Devil (Studio Stefania Miscetti, Rome 2010), Mundos Locais – Local Worlds - (Lagos Cultural Centre/ Algarve, Portugal, 2008); “Do you hear me”(Estado do Mundo – State of the World -, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, 2008),United Nations (Singapore Fringe Festival, Singapore, 2007).


Henrique Pavão

In 2013, he ended his degree in Sculpture, at the Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Lisbon. From 2014 to 2016, he was a scholarship holder by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, having attended and concluded the Master’s in Visual arts at Malmö Art Academy, where he studied under the orientation of the Danish artist Joachim Koester.

On the occasion of the conclusion of his Master’s, in 2016, he exhibited Fallen Between Cracks, at KHM Gallery, Malmö, for which he was awarded  the Edstrandska Stiftelsens Stipendium prize. In the same year, he was nominated for the Novo Banco Revelação da Fundação de Serralves (Novo Banco Revelation of the Serralves Foundation) award, and was granted a scholarship by the Royal Academy of Arts of Stockholm. 

Individual exhibitions include: Now I Became Aged (2018) with the curatorship of Sérgio Mah, Uma Lulik, Lisbon; antes e depois de antes (before and after before) (2017) with the curatorship of Delfim Sardo, Culturgest Oporto; Wherever I am not is the Place Where I am Myself  (2017), Appleton Square, Lisbon; Fallen Between Cracks (2016) KHM Gallery, Malmö.

He took part in collective exhibitions, of which we highlight: Anozero’17 biennial of Coimbra (2017); Edstrandska Stiftelsens Stipendiater (2016), KHM Gallery, Malmö; Grant Holder Show (2016) Royal Academy of Arts, Stockholm. 

He lives and works in Lisbon.

Diana Policarpo is a visual artist and composer, currently developing her artistic activity in the area of visual arts, music, electroacoustics and multimedia performance.

She studied music at the Conservatório Nacional de Música de Lisboa (National Music Academy of Lisbon), took a degree in Visual Arts at Escola Superior de Arte e Design (ESAD) – Further Education of Art and Design – and holds a Master’s in Visual Arts (MFA) by the Goldsmiths College.

Her work researches relations of power, popular culture and gender politics, overlapping rhythmic structuring of sound as a tactile material within social construct of esoteric ideology. She creates performances and installations to examine vulnerability experiments and empowerment associated to acts of exposure to the capitalist world.

Her sound work and installations were shown in individual exhibitions at Belo Campo / Francisco Fino Gallery, Lisbon, PT (2018); Kunstverein Leipzig, DE (2017), lAB Artists Unlimited, Bielefeld, DE (2016); Xero, Kline & Coma, London, UK (2015) and Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, DE (2014). Her work has also been included in collective exhibitions at Chiado 8, Lisbon, PT (2018); Municipal Gallery of Oporto, PT (2018), Francisco Fino Gallery, Lisbon, PT (2017), Tenderpixel Gallery, London, UK (2017); Mars Gallery, Melbourne, AU (2017), North Gallery, New Castle, UK (2016), Peninsula Gallery, New York, USA (2015), W139, Amsterdam, NL (2015), AN/DOR, London, UK (2014) and Almanac, London, UK (2013).

The artist has recently presented installations, performances and readings at Lisboa Soa, Lisbon, PT (2018); Passos Manuel (Oporto, PT), Kunsthall Oslo (NO), LUX - Moving Image, Instituto de Arte Contemporânea – Institute of Conteporary Art - (ICA), The Lexington, Cafe Oto, Royal College of Art, Pump House Gallery, Iklectik, IMT Gallery, Enclave Gallery, Tenderpixel Gallery and The Horse Hospital, in London.


EDP Foundation releases Public Art Guide in Trás-os-Montes

EDP Foundation releases the Public Art Guide in Trás-os-Montes, an edition which promotes the 33 artistic interventions held on public spaces and transformer substations of EDP Distribution in the districts of Alfândega da Fé, Miranda do Douro, Mogadouro and Torre de Moncorvo. More than ten artists participated in this initiative, which started in 2015, in the scope of the Public Art Program of the EDP Foundation. 

As well as the invitations for the population to participate in communitary assemblies with the artists, several agents were invited to work on the site, as was the case of the students of Master’s in Art and Design for Public Space, at the Fine-Arts Faculty of the University of Oporto, students from the Senior University of Alfândega da Fé and pupils from EB ⅔, also from Alfândega da Fé.

In Trás-os-Montes, the program counted on the partnership of Rede Inducar, an organization for the promotion of non-formal education and social integration, with the support of the four municipalities involved.  

The Public Art Program of the EDP Foundation uses art as an instrument of social inclusion. Oriented towards low populational density areas, it promotes access to art and the population’s involvement in new cultural experiments, with the support of EDP Distribution. The Program is present in 40 locations: Trás-os-Montes, Algarve (Barlavento and Sotavento), Alto Alentejo (Campo Maior), Ribatejo (Rio Maior) and Médio Tejo (Vila Nova da Barquinha). 79 artworks have already been made, with the participation of 35 artists, such as Xana, Alexandre Farto aka Vhils, Luís Silveirinha, Manuel João Vieira, Mariana A Miserável, Menau, Draw, Gonçalo Mar, amongst others. In 2019, the program shall be extended to Braga e ao Fundação. Ou Fundão??

The release of the Public Art Guide in Trás-os-Montes coincides with the holding of an instameet, in partnership with the magazine “Gerador”. From 18th to 20th January, 16 instagramers will be invited to discover the artworks created in the scope of the Public Art program in each location but also to live the local culture: the lanscapes, the gastronomy, the history and the spaces that are a part of the community’s daily life. 

17 Apr 2019