Sound Capsules

Sound Capsules
10-06 to 11-01-2021

As part of the six-month-long programme maat Mode 2020, three audio stations have been plugged in the spaces of the museum to host a sequential series of curated sound proposals and specially produced contents.

Integrated by studio SO – IL inside Beeline, the museum-wide architectural intervention that hosts maat Mode, the Sound Capsules act as extended platforms through which the Memovolts – Stories from the EDP Foundation Energy Heritage Collection generate resonances within a special collaboration with ETIC (School of Technologies, Innovation and Creation, Lisbon). Students from the Sound Design for New Media Production course were challenged to work on concepts related to the seven thematic moments devised by the museum team.

These intersect with commissioned playlists curated by Gonçalo F. Cardoso, featuring selected works from the Discrepant record label catalogue that explore the themes of Alternate Realities and Atypical Traditions, broadcast following a set of live performances on Beeline’s stages.

Sounds from the EDP Energy Heritage Collection, by ETIC:
Women in Advertising for Home Appliances (1930–1950)
Dates: 06/06 – 13/07/2020
Small Apparatus, Great Inventions
Wheels and Rails with Electricity
Dates: 15/07 – 31/08/2020
Memories of the City of Lisbon. Kurt Pinto Photography
The Design of Sound and Image (1920 – 1960)
Dates: 02/09 – 12/10/2020
The Light and the Shadow
Dates: 14/10 – 30/11/2020
Electric Machines: Iron, Steel, Copper
Dates: 02/12 –11/01/2021

Selected works from Discrepant, by Gonçalo F. Cardoso:
Visions at the End of the World
Original dates: 29/04 – 02/05/2020
Lost Futures
Original dates: 27/05 – 29/05/2020
4th World Wonders
Original dates: 17/06 – 19/06/2020
Do You Miss the Present?
Original dates: 22/07 – 24/07/2020


10 Jun 2020