Capa da revista Electra

Electra 9 was scheduled for publication in mid-April, but the obstacles created by Covid-19 and the measures put in place to fight it prevented us from launching it on that date.

We hope to be able to deliver the new issue to our readers as summer approaches. Until the publication is made possible, and in order to provide a presence in the absence, we are making the PDF version of issue 8 of Electra available digitally; meanwhile, the paper version is still available from newsstands and bookshops and can still be ordered, along with all other issues, from https://www.monadebooks.com/electra.

As we make this issue available digitally, we would also like to remind readers that Electra is a magazine designed to be published on paper, and that genetic identity is irreplaceable. Therefore, this complete digital edition will be an exception, justified by an exceptional situation.

We would like to show our appreciation for our readers’ continued interest. We would also like to invite those who are experiencing Electra for the first time and through this medium to still experience the pleasure of leafing through, reading and browsing the printed editions, both past and future.

The theme of issue 8 is Memory and Forgetting, and issue 9’s is Speed, Acceleration. At a time of transition between two editions, we would like to quote writer Milan Kundera:

“The degree of slowness is directly proportional to the intensity of memory; the degree of speed is directly proportional to the intensity of forgetting.”

Wishing that our encounter will also continue in newsstands and bookshops, we thank you for your interest and loyalty.





18 May 2020