“Heróis de Máscaras” (“Masked Heroes”) is an exclusive partnership between the EDP Solidarity Programme, Correio da Manhã and CMTV through which EDP Foundation provided half a million euros in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, acquiring masks, gloves, goggles and disposable gowns for nursing homes.

In order to facilitate this specific action, the Ministry of Work, Solidarity and Social Security (MTSSS) identified 300 nursing homes with a very pressing need for equipment to provide care to their residents and for the protection of their staff.

Therefore, this action benefitted 24 300 residents and members of staff in nursing homes across 16 districts in the country. A total of 545 thousand items of personal protective equipment were distributed, such as masks, goggles, gloves and disposable gowns.

EDP Solidarity programme is a social investment programme, part of the EDP Foundation, in existence since 2004, supporting hundreds of projects in the areas of Health and Social Inclusion.

This year, EDP Foundation channelled the entire annual endowment pertaining to the EDP Solidarity programme to fighting the Covid-19 pandemic: half a million euros had already been allocated to contribute, together with EDP, to the acquisition of ventilators and other equipment for the National Health Service; now the remaining 500 thousand euros will be invested in personal protective equipment for the nursing homes most in need.

António Mexia, president of the Executive Board of Directors of EDP and EDP Foundation, stated: “EDP and EDP Foundation are a part of the community and they take responsibility. In this case, with this 500-thousand-euro contribution to nursing homes through the programme ‘Heróis de Máscaras’. But also through the delivery of 50 ventilators and 200 medical monitors that we made to the National Health Service hospitals; through the permanent care we take of our over seven thousand staff members (both the 76% who are working remotely from home and our heroes who are still out in the field securing EDP services to all Portuguese); or by facilitating delayed electricity bill payment plans for those facing economic difficulties.”

Octávio Ribeiro, Editorial Director-General for CM/CMTV, adds: “This is a time for unity and combining efforts. Nursing homes, just like other sectors, were not ready for the arrival of this pandemic. Having EDP as our powerful partner, we will do everything in our power, together with our viewers and readers, to provide a greater level of safety to nursing homes in this crucial fight.”

Back in 2019, the EDP Solidarity Programme – Health delivered to the National Health Service, specifically to nine entities, over one million euros in equipment to fight respiratory illnesses, one of the main causes of mortality in Portugal.

In existence since 2004, the EDP Solidarity Programme has already sponsored over 400 initiatives in the areas of Health and Social Inclusion, with an investment totalling over 15 million euros.

29 Mar 2013