In 2019, EDP Foundation channelled its EDP Solidarity Programme investment towards the field of Health, namely supporting projects related to illnesses identified in the National Programme for Respiratory Illnesses. These are one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality in Portugal, particularly chronic respiratory illnesses.

There were nine winning entities which, between them, benefitted from financial support totalling 1 062 500 euros. As a whole, these projects are expected to directly benefit 15 thousand people.

There have already been 409 projects supported by the EDP Solidarity Programme, created in 2004, across all districts in the country. In 2015, the programme started forking into two routes: EDP Solidarity Social Inclusion, supporting projects whose goal is to relieve social situations that are markedly relevant; and EDP Solidarity Health, focusing on projects aimed at improving clinical and social conditions resulting from health conditions. In this latter area, EDP Foundation has already supported 49 projects with an investment totalling 5.5 million euros.




Guarda Local Health Unit (ULSG), E.P.E.

Technological Innovation and Advancement in the Pneumology Department at ULSG

Improving the Pneumology Department at Guarda Local Health Unit by creating an special examination room for performing advanced diagnostic techniques – Endobronchial Ultrasound (linear and radial), Medical Thoracoscopy and Transbronchial Lung Cryobiopsy – all unavailable at nearby hospitals.


Senhora da Oliveira Hospital (HSO) – Guimarães, E.P.E.

Bronchial Echoendoscopy – An cutting-edge examination for approaching respiratory illnesses

Increasing the diagnostic capability of the respiratory endoscopy unit at the Pneumology Department of the HSO by acquiring medical equipment to introduce a new technique of bronchial endoscopy.


Association for Research and Development of the Faculty of Medicine (AIDFM)

Thoracic Outpatient Clinic

Opening and equipping a Thoracic Outpatient Clinic based at the Pulido Valente Hospital, devoted to complex Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (Obstructive Airway Disease and Interstitial Lung Disease).


Algarve University Hospital Centre

Bronchial Echoendoscopy (EBUS) with linear probe

Improving diagnostic and treatment of patients with lung cancer and other illnesses that present mediastinal lymph nodes at the Algarve University Hospital Centre, thus saving patients from having to be referred to and having to travel to Lisbon.


Northeast Local Health Unit, E.P.E.

Respiratory Rehabilitation Programme for COPD Outpatients

Implementing a Respiratory Rehabilitation programme for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in order to improve their quality of life and alleviate their symptoms.

This project aims to equip 12 Health Centres (Bragança Health Centre Cluster) with medical equipment, rehabilitation/physiotherapy equipment, furniture and two vehicles for home visits to patients.


Setúbal Hospital Centre

Project Inspir'ar

Improving diagnostic and treatment in the field of Pneumology at the Setúbal Hospital Centre by conducting renovation works to expand and improve the Pneumology Department and by acquiring medical equipment, including a Plethysmograph, which the department currently lacks.


Porto University Hospital Centre

Lung Cancer “Via Verde” Taskforce (VVCP)

Improving intervention capability on lung cancer patients by implementing a priority route to ensure a standardised, prompt and quality approach by acquiring medical equipment.

The project also includes a diagnostic study on the implementation of the Lung Cancer “Via Verde”, so that it may become a model to be implemented on a national level, adapted to the various contexts, while ensuring compliance with key indicators for the provision of quality healthcare.


Lower Vouga Hospital Centre, E.P.E.

Respirar +

Reinforcing and improving Respiratory Rehabilitation of symptomatic patients from the Lower Vouga Hospital Centre, both for inpatient and outpatient services, and the Lower Vouga Health Centre Cluster, by acquiring medical equipment. The project anticipates the implementation of a Respiratory Rehabilitation programme both in hospital and at home; promoting medical training in Respiratory Rehabilitation Primary Care; as well as raising awareness in the community to this topic.


Santa Casa da Misericórdia, Riba D'Ave

Breathing better to live better

Expanding and improving the availability of examinations in the Pneumology Department at Narciso Ferreira Hospital in order to obtain wider and more precise diagnoses, and to improve the treatment provided to patients through the acquisition of medical equipment.


30 Mar 2020