Economy of Means

Economy of Means

4 October 2019 to 13January 2020


Economy of Means suggests the challenge of using one means for multiple ends, investigating what makes this approach both a trademark and a precondition for rational architecture. It is a truth universally acknowledged that resources of all types, in all parts of the world, must be managed with greater consciousness and care as the twenty-first century progresses.
Architects explore the limits and definition of architecture itself by reducing the material, economic and conceptual means they resort to in their projects. Within their discipline, this might entail a particular material, space, form or process.
The exhibition proposes a typology of the ways in which the economy of means has been used up to now, and questions the various ways in which it could be explored today. This multisensory exhibition, drawn on a large number of contemporary and historical examples, explores the innovative ways in which authors are guided towards more responsible, ethical, sustainable and ultimately more beautiful solutions to local and global challenges.
This exhibition is part of the 5th edition of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, entitled “The Poetics of Reason”

Exhibition images

Photos: Fábio Cunha

30 Aug 2019