Ama como a Estrada Começa

4 october to 19 december 2019


The new exhibition by João Pedro Vale & Nuno Alexandre Ferreira stems from the research carried out during their artistic residency at La Cité internationale des arts, in Paris and takes the title of a poem by Mário Cesariny, whose life and work inspired the development of this project.
An original work conceived specifically for MAAT’s Project Room, Loving as the Road Begins is a reflection on spaces of control and the body as dissidence. The artists juxtapose a variety of opposing references which conjure images of impurity and sanitation, illness and cure, crime and punishment, associating incarceration structures with forbidden existences.
The exhibition evokes sites and scenes that permeate queer existence and imagery, and ponders on the perpetuation and reconfiguration of forms of imprisonment and appropriation. Working together since 2004, João Pedro Vale & Nuno Alexandre Ferreira are the first artistic duo showcasing work in this exhibition space.

Exhibition images

Photos: Bruno Lopes

30 Aug 2019