'7 Billion Others'

8 November 2014 to 8 February 2015

Power Station building


Who are they, how do they live, what do they dream of, what do the 7 billion people on the planet have to say? What unites them and what sets them apart? An exhibition which is a living portrait of humanity in our time.

'7 Billion Others' is an exhibition created in 2003 which has been around the four corners of the globe, and which provides us with a real and current portrait of humanity. It includes words and testimonies by over six thousand people from 84 different countries, including Portugal, in a project by the Good Planet Foundation.

As we enter 7 Billion Others, we are invited to take a trip around the world and learn about the fears, dreams, problems and hopes of people as different and distant as a Brazilian fisherman, a Chinese shoemaker, a German artist or an Afghan businessman.

These are testimonies gathered through 45 questions, identical for every participant, about 30 universal subjects – family, love, death, forgiveness, nature, the meaning of life, challenges or childhood dreams – which help us to find out what sets us apart, but above all the things that unite us.

20 Oct 2014