EDP Foundation is launching the 2019 EDP Solidarity programme, centred on respiratory illnesses, which is allocating one million euros to supporting projects aimed at improving the health of Portuguese people. These projects may be presented by public institutions or services that are integrated within the National Health Service, as well as by private social welfare entities providing healthcare, as long as they are registered with the Healthcare Regulation Authority.

In 2015, the EDP Solidarity programme created a helpline specifically devoted to healthcare, and has since invested 4.5 million euros in 40 projects, aimed at alleviating clinical and social conditions derived from health problems, including renovating facilities and acquiring medical equipment, among other resources. Continuing the high-value sporadic funding initiatives in the areas of oncology and paediatrics, the EDP Solidarity programme has invested in several healthcare-related projects, from cardiology to patients’ thermal comfort in healthcare services, from child and adolescent psychiatry to adult palliative care, from the stroke “green way” to the coronary “green way”. Respiratory disease was chosen as it responds to one of the main sources of health problems in Portugal, since respiratory illnesses are one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality in the country, particularly chronic respiratory diseases.

Created in 2004, the EDP Solidarity programme has already invested over 14.5 million euros and has supported over 390 projects with more than one million beneficiaries across the country. Submissions to the programme will be accepted between 11 June and 21 July.


14 Jun 2019