Fiction and Fabrication. Photography of Architecture after the Digital Turn


Pedro Gadanho
Gloria Moure
Sérgio Fazenda Rodrigues
Hannes Halder /Hirmer Verlag (design)


Hirmer Verlag





This book brings together works by nearly 50 artists who build and manipulate images created from architectural objects and spaces. After 30 years of Photoshop and with digital tools invading photographic production, Fiction and Fabrication focuses on the imagery of architecture as a crucial subject matter in contemporary art photography. Seminal works by Andreas Gurski or Thomas Demand, and the fictional creations by Beate Gütschow or Isabel Brison, among others, outline a panorama of architectural photography (which is effectively documented, both in the essay by Sérgio Fazenda Rodrigues, and the texts accompanying the works on display) which circumvents objective approaches and favours fictionalisations of reality, between a cinematic perspective, image deconstruction or more politicised narratives. In his essay, Pedro Gadanho analyses “the fabrication of images” in architecture and “their visual (dis)contents”, in an era when digital media dominate the production of architectural images for media consumption. In the book’s final essay, Gloria Moure elaborates on the exhibition La arquitectura sin Sombra, which she curated in 2000, as a way to approach the current atmosphere.