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Priscila Fernandes was the big winner of the 2011 EDP New Artists Award. A group exhibition that ran between 1 July and 18 September at the Electricity Museum in Lisbon, and included works from the nine selected artists. The commission responsible for selecting the finalists in 2011 was comprised of art critics Delfim Sardo and Nuno Crespo, with João Pinharanda representing the EDP Foundation.

During the group exhibition, the international jury that recognised Priscila Fernandes granted an honourable mention to André Trindade.


Priscila Fernandes was born in Coimbra in 1981. She has a degree in Painting from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland. She completed her Master of Fine Art at the Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy at Rotterdam University, the Netherlands. Her work presents proposals in the fields of installation, painting and video. She currently lives in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The jury emphasised the “great density and complexity of languages” in Priscila Fernandes’ work. According to João Pinharanda, curator of the exhibition for the 2011 EDP New Artists Award, “her artistic discourse is approached through ‘still life’; Modern thought addressed through the orthogonal grid and primary colours; productive society through controlling the subjects’ ability to manage the values of geometry and music. This staged surrender to logic, rules, systems, is a constant in the artist’s work, which questions these realities, occasionally using a language that leads them to the absurd, to exaggeration, to voluptuousness. Thus she hopes to reach a new perception and critical representation of them”.

Finalists' works

Ana Manso. | Photo: Bruno Santos

André Trindade. | Photo: Bruno Santos

Carla Filipe. | Photo: Bruno Santos

Catarina Botelho. | Photo: Bruno Santos

Catarina Dias. | Photo: Bruno Santos

João Serra. | Photo: Bruno Santos

Nuno da Luz. | Photo: Bruno Santos

Priscila Fernandes. | Photo: Bruno Santos

Vasco Barata. | Photo: Bruno Santos

The exhibition


Photos: Alex Gandum