The EDP Foundation Solidarity Schools Programme is an active citizenship movement which encourages students from secondary school (both from public and state schools) to become actively involved in resolving social issues affecting their community.

Created in 2010 to respond to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, EDP Foundation's Solidarity Schools outlines the big challenges faced by the planet and how we can address them in our communities: 

. eliminating poverty and hunger;

. promoting economic sustainability;

. ensuring more Education and better Health;

. caring for more vulnerable communities;

. promoting the inclusion of every human being;

. encouraging environmental sustainability;

. supporting human development in other parts of the world.

Being a Solidarity School means providing students with an all-inclusive education which uses these citizenship initiatives as a tool for personal and social development. It also means creating strong bonds between the members of the school, families and the wider population.

This program, which has the official seal of the Secretary of State for Education and the Directorate-General for Education, annually involves dozens of thousands of students and teachers from schools around the country.